Great Canadian Parks / Alberta
Jasper National Park
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In Jasper National Park, old spruce and Douglas fir forests, hot springs, glacial lakes and rugged mountain slopes are home to thousands of plant and animal species. Most large animals - elk, bear and deer - can be observed from the roadways and show far too little fear of people. Backcountry trails offer glimpses of glacier-draped summits and green alpine meadows. Heritage rivers, waterfalls and sand dunes along the Athabasca River Valley are home to moose, bighorn sheep and rare wildflowers. The park covers 10878 square kilometres, a larger area than the combined territory of Kootenay, Banff, Yoko and Waterton Lakes national parks, which lie just to the south. It embraces two of the three mountain ranges - Front and Main, as well as the Maligne Canyon and the Athabasca Glacier, located in the Columbia Icefields on the park's southern border, one of the largest and most accessible glaciers in the Rockies and the largest glacier area anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere below the Arctic Circle. Early settlers and traders did not begin to disrupt the culture of the native people until 1811 and it was another 100 years before the Grand Trunk Pacific and Canadian Northern Railways arrived.

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