Great Canadian Parks / British Columbia

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The Parks / British Columbia / Gwaii Haanas National Park

Called Gandla K'in by the Haida, its restorative waters have been appreciated by paddlers since the days of the war canoe. The heated mineral waters spring from the ground in a series of terraced pools at temperatures ranging from 89-170 degrees Fahrenheit (31-76 degrees Celsius). The natural hot tubs look out over Juan Perez Sound. FDog Sledsrom June to the end of August, Haida Gwaii Watchmen, who act as official hosts, guards and guides, attend the Hotsprings.


The same volcanic activity that heats the water is responsible for creating a ‘thermal meadow’ in the centre of the island. The heat actually radiates from the ground creating a micro-habitat that is home to several of the unique plant species that have been found in the Queen Charlottes - mosses, lichens and liverworts.

A small thermally heated cave on the island is the only known rearing site of a very rare bat - the Keen's Myotis, frequently seen flying overhead as weary travellers relax in the heated pools at twilight.

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