Great Canadian Parks / British Columbia
Khutzeymat- een Grizzy Bear Sanctuary
British Columbia
Khutzeymateen Banff National Park Quiz

In August of 1994, Khutzeymateen was designated Canada's only grizzly bear sanctuary under the joint management of the province of British Columbia and the Tsimshian Nation. Located 40 kilometres northeast of Prince Rupert on BC's northern coast, Khutzeymateen, a Tsimshian word meaning a confined space of salmon and bears, provides about 45 000 hectares of protected wilderness for the grizzly - a species at risk. The valley's rich wildlife population includes moose, wolves, migrating owls, grouse, shorebirds, geese, harlequin ducks, kingfishers, harbour seals, orca and humpback whales along the coast. With its dense rain forest, river mouth estuary and ocean fjord, the park sanctuary is able to provide refuge for about 50 grizzlies.

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