Great Canadian Parks / British Columbia

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The Parks / British Columbia / Tatshenshini-Alsek National Park




Along the coastline, sea lions and humpback whales can be seen from shore; between the coast and the mountains, wildlife includes red fox, wolverine, beaver, coyote, porcupine, marmots and grey wolves. Because of its exceptionally productive habitat and remote wilderness environment, the Tat basin is a stronghold for the grizzly in North America. It is the only place where the rare sub-species of black bear, the silver-blue glacier bear occurs in Canada.



It also sustains the only year-round populations of Dall's sheep in British Columbia as well as great numbers of mountain goats and the huge Kenai moose. As well as the 53 species of mammals, the Tat also provides nesting sites for about 180 species of birdlife. Bald and golden eagles, hummingbirds, semi-palmated plovers and the rapacious jaegers, ptarmigan and the ruffed grouse all find a home in the park.


Rare waterfowl include both the King and Stellar's eider. The area is furthermore a major breeding site for Trumpeter swans, Harlequin ducks and gyrfalcons. 95% of the Chinook salmon, 90% of the sockeye salmon and 75% of the Coho salmon for the commercial fishery in the Deep Bay area of the Gulf of Alaska, comes from the Tat River system - one of the three major salmon bearing rivers on the northern Pacific coast.


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