Great Canadian Parks / Manitoba

Great Canadian Parks Manitoba
'glorious and free'.

The lakes, river, grasslands, forests and tundra of Manitoba provide visitors with a wide variety of activities from fishing, boating and hiking to bird-watching and scenic drives. The national parks preserve many species' habitats across the range of ecological zones in the province. Wapusk National Park in the far north was created to protect the delicate tundra environment where polar bears roam.

Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain is located on the Manitoba Escarpment in south-central Manitoba, near the geographical centre of Canada, a 2978 square kilometre island of forest rising out of a sea of farmland. Learn more in Riding Mountain National Park


Wapusk National Park

A landscape of 11,475 sq. km is protected in Canada's 37th National Park, representing the Hudson's Bay Lowlands Natural region. Learn more in Wapusk National Park