Great Canadian Parks / Manitoba
Wapusk National Park
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A landscape of 11,475 sq. km is protected in Canada's 37th National Park, representing the Hudson's Bay Lowlands Natural region. No roads or visitor facilities disturb this true wilderness park, created to preserve the fragility of the tundra environment.


Native history in this region dates back almost 4,000 years, when the Tyrell Sea was retreating and the land was released from the weight of the glaciers. It was less than 400 years ago that European exploration began, as traders searched for the Northwest Passage to the Orient.


Wapusk National Park protects the largest polar bear denning area in North America. Scientific research into the particular metabolism and play behaviour of the bears is ongoing. Beluga whales are another of Hudson Bay's indigenous species, and as visible here as in any aquarium.


It is possible to see almost two hundred species of birds in summer and fall. The warm season may be short, but it brings forth a staggering array of wildflowers.

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