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Fundy National Park
New Brunswick
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Fundy National Park was established in 1948, not so much to preserve an ecosystem, as to rescue one. The landscape represents the Maritime Acadian Highlands Natural Region of Canada, and offers a number of recreational activities as well as natural pursuits.


At 206 square kilometres, it may be small for a National Park, but it encapsulates the history of the Fundy Shore in New Brunswick, when early settlers struggled to eke out a living from the stony soil, and shipbuilding was in its heyday.


The park has two distinct faces: the Fundy coastline with its world famous giant tides and inter-tidal zones rich with marine life, and its interior backcountry of Acadian forests, once sacrificed to the needs of civilization, now on the road to recovery and criss-crossed with hiking trails.


Park researchers have learned amazing things about the Northern Flying Squirrel and its importance to the health of the forest. Other animal studies have included the re- introduction of Peregrine Falcons to the Fundy coast.

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