Great Canadian Parks / Newfoundland

Great Canadian Parks Newfoundland & Labrador
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Newfoundland is an island, inhabited and modern, making up one part of Canada's eastern coast province; Labrador, on the mainland, remains a sparsely populated wilderness. The national parks are in Newfoundland, as Labrador, relatively untouched by man's disturbances, requires less ecological protection. Mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, small towns and the rugged coast provides tourists with a range of recreational and adventure activities including camping, hiking, fishing and whale-watching.

Cape St Mary's Ecological Reserve

Cape St. Mary, one of six seabird ecology reserves protected by the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Park System, is one of the largest, most accessible and spectacular seabird rookeries in the world. Learn more in Cape St Mary's Ecological Reserve

Gros Morne National Park
The spectacular Long Range Mountains, land-locked fjords, pillow rocks and mysterious Tablelands of Gros Morne National Park not only bestow the land with incredible beauty, but reveal secrets of the major stages of the earth's evolutionary history and are an essential part of the reason the park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn more in Gros Morne National Park

Terra Nova National Park
The natural beauty, dramatic indented coastline and rugged wooded landscape are the most distinctive features of Newfoundland's first national park, Terra Nova. Moose, black bear and other wildlife move about freely in the forests and marshy bogs. Learn more in Terra Nova National Park