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Nahanni National Park Reserve
Northwest Territories

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Nahanni National Park encompasses 300 square kilometres of the South Mountains in the south-western corner of the Northwest Territories. The Nahanni River, named for the Naha, a tribe of fierce warriors who vanished from the valley, is a dangerous river notorious for other mysteries as well, like the story of the headless men found in Deadmen Valley.


The geological history of the area is unique. Much of the region was never touched by glaciers and so has evolved differently. The four canyons of the South Nahanni have cliff walls that rise as much as 1500 metres above the river. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979, the first natural region in the world to be so designated.


Among its outstanding features are the Tufa mounds at Rabbitkettle Hotsprings and the karst formations of the Nahanni and Ram Plateau.


A trip to Nahanni means testing one's mettle against the white water. By canoe or raft, it is a roller coaster ride you won't forget. But along the way, there are plenty of opportunities to hike its magnificent mountains and observe the wildlife.

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