Great Canadian Parks / Nunavut

Great Canadian Parks Nunavut
'Nunavut, our strength'.

Canada's newest territory is located in the eastern far north and includes the Arctic Circle. The parks protect the remote wilderness landscape that has features such as glaciers, fjords, highlands mountains, lakes and rivers, where muskox, caribou, Arctic wolf, walrus, Polar bears, whales and many other species live in the short-lived warmth of perpetual summer daylight and the frozen desert conditions of the perpetual winter night. Visitors are attracted to the scenery and recreational activities such as boating, fishing and hiking.

Auyuittuq National Park

Protecting a pristine part of the eastern Arctic, Auyuittuq National Park Reserve, is located on Baffin Island’s Cumberland Peninsula, about 2400 kilometres from Montreal. Learn more in Auyuittuq National Park

Ellesmere Island National Park

On the northern tip of Canada's most northern island, the fifth largest island in the world, lies one of Earth's last great wilderness domains. Learn more in Ellesmere Island National Park