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Georgian Bay Islands National Park

Georgian Bay Islands Banff National Park Quiz

Composed of 59 islands and shoals, this tiny park is part of the largest group of fresh-water islands in the world. As part of a 30 000 island archipelago, the park stretches along 50 kilometers of the eastern shoreline of Georgian Bay in what is truly one of the most picturesque of vacation wonderlands.


Entirely water-based, it plays host to a wide variety of wildlife species including the Massasauga Rattlesnake, while weather and terrain have created a transitional zone for diverse forest and plant life. Evidence of a great mountain range and tropical sea and the devastating effects of the ice age can be traced in the rock of its smooth low-lying islands. Indian legend and artifacts from archaeology digs on Beausoleil Island enrich our awareness of its history dating back 5000 years.


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