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The Greenwich Dunes area of Prince Edward Island is a 900 acre natural treasure internationally recognized for its unique dune system, its wide variety of bird species and rare plants found in its marshes and woodlands, and the nationally important Aboriginal and Acadian archaeological sites. Located on the western end of the peninsula separating St. Peters Bay from the Gulf of St Lawrence, it is just 60 kilometres from Charlottetown. In 1995, after nearly two decades of recognition as an important area by such organizations as the United Nations International Biological Program and the World Wildlife Endangered Species Program, P.E.I. acquired the site, placing it under the Natural Areas Protection Act. Three years later, the three parcels of land were transferred from the province to Parks Canada as an addition to the Prince Edward Island National Park. The strong appeal that such a site has for tourists and the region's interest in stimulating economic activity here has prompted some alarm among conservationists who view plans for future development as the first steps toward mass tourism and commercialization. Construction of boardwalks, beach access and an interpretive program are designed to ensure the development of Greenwich will not adversely affect the unique cultural and natural resources. Certainly the challenge will be to strike a balance between protecting the fragile ecosystem and allowing people to experience and appreciate it.


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