Great Canadian Parks / Québec

Great Canadian Parks
'je me souviens', translated as
'I remember'.

Quebec is a culturally and ecologically diverse province with a primarily French-speaking population located most heavily in the south along the St. Lawrence River. With thousands of lakes, many rivers, forests and a northern wilderness, tourists can experience a variety of recreational activities including camping, swimming, hiking, fishing, boating, skiing and sight-seeing. The parks preserve ecologically important habitats that sustain many species.

La Mauricie National Park

Located midway (180 km.) between Quebec's two largest cities, Quebec City and Montreal, and 50 km. north of the St. Lawrence River, La Mauricie National Park encompasses 544 square kilometres in the heart of the Quebec Laurentians. Learn more in La Mauricie National Park


Forillon National Park
Forillon National Park is at the eastern tip of the Gaspe Peninsula at the end of a long chain of worn flat-topped mountains, the Appalachians, which emerged over 375 million years ago and now incline gently to the sea on the southern side. Learn more in Forillon National Park

Mingan Archipelago National Park
About 40 islands lie within the reserve, part of the Eastern St. Lawrence Lowlands natural region. Learn more in Mingan Archipelago National Park

Saguenay-St. Lawrence National Park
The federal government and the province of Quebec began the complex task of establishing the first park in Quebec dedicated to the protection of a marine environment. Learn more in Saguenay-St. Lawrence National Park