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Saguenay-St. Lawrence National Park


Saguenay-St. Lawrence
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In 1990, the federal government and the province of Quebec began the complex task of establishing the first park in Quebec dedicated to the protection of a marine environment. The setting up of Saguenay-St. Lawrence National Park was based upon public consultation with the businesses, distinct communities, non-profit organizations, and residents of the 24 towns and villages affected. Ten of these municipalities lie within the boundaries of the 1138 square kilometre reserve that encompasses the Saguenay fjord and riverbottom, the northern half of the St. Lawrence estuary and seafloor, and the Parc du Saguenay, extending 80 kilometres along once heavily-forested shores of the fjord. The park offers vantagepoints for observing the many species of birds and marine animals. Fascinating stories of the first inhabitants and early settlers, ancestors of the residents of the many villages nestled along the shoreline, form a framework for the rich French-Canadian culture of the Saguenay of today.


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