Great Canadian Parks / Saskatchewan

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The Parks / Saskatchewan / Prince Albert National Park

Results of glaciation in Prince Albert National Park include:
Cliffs rising 300 metres above sea level
Moraines, drumlins and eskers
Ridges of lake bottom soils pushed onshore by blocks of ice
All of the above

The park is unique in its:
Grasslands combined with deciduous and boreal forests
Free-ranging plains bison in a Canadian national park
Undisturbed habitat for timber wolves
All of the above

Grey Owl®s impersonation of a backwoods part-Apache:
Drew the world®s attention to the need to end the threats to endangered species
Fulfilled his need to live a life of freedom and commitment to a cause
Eventually damaged his reputation as a reliable voice for wildlife conservation
All of the above

Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 Quiz